About a week ago I wrote a post where I had to clean up the mess that was made by someone else that promised unethical and quite frankly hyped up results to someone that was placed under me. I was very patient and kind throughout the process with the woman who was placed under me. I even provided amazing value that this woman could apply to her existing businesses. However, once the damage was done she would not listen or value one word out of my mouth. In fact, she was very rude and would not attempt to listen nor respond to any of my messages unless it was to give her something FREE or when she thought I was going to do all the work for her.

This woman expected me to do all the work for her without showing me an ounce of respect or courtesy. She was recruited by someone that feed her what was a “team” plan where the weak piggy backed the strong. Her expectation was that it was my “job” ONLY to recruit 12 people into her organization because that is what she was promised from my upline.  She 100% thought I should give her 12 people and she would not life on finger or send one email.  I was not about to do that even if someone else had done the recruiting and made the false promises. It was not my “job” nor place to over compensate for the lack of integrity in others. I did discuss with her first day how the facts were not as they may have seemed and made sure she knew I was a mentor and not an employee. It is very unprofessional to create such a mess for any network marketer and the main perk of network marketing is working for yourself. In fact many companies promote the no job lifestyle.  I did not get into network marketing to have a boss and I was not about to work for someone that did not even value me enough to speak to me with respect and acknowledge me. The lies, untruths, and hype of one turned into a major problem that turned 179 people into only 23 sign ups and half of those dropping out first month.


There is no reason to lie, twist the truth or to embellish when it comes to network marketing. Become a product of the product and inform people of the facts or perks. Enlighten them to the possibilities and or opportunity. When one person acts without integrity it spills over to everyone that is connected to them. So be wise with who your team mates are. Choose wisely and make sure your team members are people you would choose to work with. There are a lot of people that do surveys and all kinds of other things but truly it is up to you.  Set yourself as someone that reflects what would attract you. Ask yourself everyday if you would buy from you. The answer should always be an instant yes. The approach of ticking or hype is false and never last long. There is a reason why the failure rate in this industry is so high. Remember always if you have desperate marketing you will attract desperate people into your business. Desperate people tend to have the victim mentality, these are the people that scream scam, fraud, or like the woman I mentioned expect to not contribute but have you work for them. Desperate people are stuck on the fee or price tag and never see the benefit the vision or have what it takes to do anything but set you and them up for failure. That’s right, some people join you just to say I told you so and will even tell you they knew it was not going to work or something to that nature. These people are stuck in the victim mode and will always be in the center of chaos and stagnation. They will remain in their comfort zone and die to defend it. So let them be. No desperate marketing, no desperate people.  


No matter what you THINK you have to do to close someone it is never Ok to stretch the truth, lie or hype up anything that truly is on the surface one of the best opportunities out there.  Great closers close without the person even knowing they are being closed. They close with facts and provoke the inspirational call to action type approach. In my mind this will never consist of high pressure sales, nor will it include any shaming or defaming of anyone or thing in the process. There is plenty of room for all of us and no one has to down, bash, or be negative to another for any reason. This industry can get catty. Don’t let that be you. Keep your integrity as one of your traits of value you offer everyone in your organization.  

I always knew my integrity was high but being in this business has allowed me to come across some of the best people I have ever met. Their integrity is mine times 100 and when I am lucky enough to witness this I take notice. This is what motivates me.  In contrast I have met some of the most desperate marketers I have ever seen. Some are reduced to what appears to be beggar level type tactics or what some would equate to high pressure dishonest sales people.  People are only skeptical out of fear of success and when someone else as fearful as they are crosses their paths, they will unite in fear. Then what do you think will happen. Things go south fast. Take note and remember the type of people or prospects you are attracting is the level of marketing you are adequately displaying.  Use this as learning experience and always fine tune your approach. Keep conversion rates high by adapting to the ever changing industry that is network marketing.


So moral of the story do not give your company, your team, your business model, your concept or yourself a bad name by desperate marketing. You could lose your business and most importantly your self-respect in the process. Be honest, tell your story and become a product of the product. It is that simple. A true closer will never attempt to close, they just do. They have closed the person before the person even contacts them with the foundation they have laid for the person to seek them out in the first place. Be the magnet that attracts the person to you by being who you are. I value integrity, and strive for unity of like minds as well as motivation. So I have been attracting leaders to me left and right. Remember if you work with uplines and downlines that what you tell a person is stuck in their mind even if you place them under someone else. Do not make things more difficult for someone else.  Don’t leave someone with high moral fiber to clean up your mess and best yet do not be the person that is the dark cloud hanging over a brilliant sunny day. Everything is a choice, choose wisely.

Your Profile is your Platform. Do not let other Network Marketers advertise from your platform.


A lot of social media outlets will allow you to add or gain “friends” or “followers” and such fairly quickly. With this being such an influx of people sometimes you get quantity and not quality. However, it is important to establish what I call your sacred space. This means that if others cross a line or do things that do not add to your existing profile or business page just kindly remove them. A lot of people new to marketing, and some old ones, are not too well-versed on marketing etiquette.


Number one rule is your Facebook page, or Instagram feed, Twitter feed, and so forth is your platform.


~ Facebook ~  

Do not let people tag you in anything that is about their business unless it is your direct upline and or team. Not all people that tag you are aiming to advertise in your space. However, some people just do not respect boundaries and will fill your timeline with tags. If it does not add to your existing space or further your business, remove the tag, delete the comment and the person that is doing it.

Do not let people say “hey thanks for the add”, and then sales pitch you on your wall or in comments. Your wall, your timeline post, your comments section, etc. are for your platform. Keep your wall focused on your own business(es) and furthering your influence or interaction.

If you have a lot of the right kind of leaders as “friends” they already know this and respect boundaries. Most of these type of leaders will only comment positive or supported comments to further your post. This helps tremendously because it gives the appearance of having a presence, or commanding attention as an authority on the matter. Always have some of these type of leaders from various companies on your list. These leaders will never tag you in a business sales pitch post. These leaders will also assist in you reaching your goals by keeping you motivated, inspired, and informed with their quality post. Read these post and try to interact with your top leaders often you know what they say about the company you keep.


Team Post Are Good

Team post are good for business and they also help with showing all the levels of success within the team dynamic.  Team post also can increase the appeal of your business by showing a great support system as well as a unified approach to business success. People love to feel like they are a part of something big, something progressive, something exclusive.  This is why team post are good and not the same as mass ad posts.

Mass Advertisement Post Are Bad and Tacky

These are usually auto responded comments on Instagram or tagged post on Facebook. These are horrendous and will never do you any good. People that adopt this approach are doing what I call desperate marketing. There is a huge difference between tagging a group of team members versus a group of strangers adding anyone and everyone on your list.  Remove theses tags and delete the people that tag you. If you think they may be just new or misguided, send them a quick note. Constrictive criticism to an entrepreneur is part of the process of growth and development. However, there are some of those aggressive desperate marketers out there, just weed them out so you can attract a better quality of “friends.”


~ Instagram ~

Also, in the same regard as above, do not let the canned comments on your Instagram linger. Anyone on Instagram knows which ones I am talking about.. “ hey I think you are awesome beyond belief.. Oh by the way ..sales pitch… sales pitch… link and add me or #follow back etc.”, which really equals BS! Do not let these comments linger. If they were truly interested in connected they will find you. Your link(s) on your profile should assist them in doing that very easily. No need to reply unless you feel compelled to but remember this is your platform. Keep it clean, keep it professional, and most of all keep it informative with tons of value.  Trust me I was one of those who truly believed everyone wanted to connect every 5 mins. This was until I marketed multiple profiles that attracted the same kind of post. Word for word the post were the same. It was a learning experience that I laugh at now but it was something that made me much wiser. When other people like your content they will not mention their project, business, or company. They will simply say encouraging words and leave it at that. Some people use this as passive marketing as well. Once they comment, like or what not, they are counting on you to look at their profile. This is harmless and well a good idea for you to adopt as well.  Learn from the people with large followings and put you adaptation on how to apply what they practice. Keep it original to you but observe the master marketers if and when you attract their attention.


~ Etiquette ~ Manners First

Remember you do not want people tagging you on your timeline, do not tag them unless they are part of your organization.  Do not tag people you have never spoken to and just friend requested as a lead. Do not add people to any group they do not approve of or ask to be part of. Do not invite people to your event or page multiple times a day because you are eager for them to see what you are doing.  Let them come to you.  It is always good practice that when someone adds or request you to say hello or some sort of greeting. This builds rapport. If you choose to be more passive, like their comments you genuinely show interest in and interact first. Again, keep it positive, professional, and clean. You have to remember the internet is a very large place and there are very few places you can go to hide. What you write and post is out there. Think before you act. Be wise about your post, and most of all Stay Classy!  ;)



In this industry it is important to stand out. It is important to become known by a handle, brand, or your own personal name. A great way to do this is to do these steps in the first 24 hours of signup so you can be on your way to branding or making a name for yourself on the internet.


When you get your link make sure to write it down or copy and paste it somewhere. Spelling is key so make sure you can write or copy the exact join link.


1.) Register a unique domain that is specifically geared toward your niche, a personal identifier, or even your full name.  It depends upon what your focus is but make sure to put your personal spin on it and by all means do not copy the company name in your link. I have found a great site that lets you set up a private domain for 99 cents for a year... Yep that's right 99 cents.  Click the link below to get one now. Just register the domain. You do not need hosting because you will be pointing it back to your join link.



Register your domain today and point it, or redirect it to your join link. Always be sure your link is spelled correctly. You can’t go wrong with copy and paste. If need be mask the domain so it will not be blocked on social networks. Now you have a unique domain that sets you apart from the pack. Start driving traffic to this link ASAP!! Targeted Traffic WILL Convert just keep feeding the link.


2.) Take social media by storm. Register your unique domain as the username, page name and so forth on as many social networks as you can. Of course conquer the top three and get those all set. Make sure the name of your domain is your username. Sometimes this will not be possible but the more social profiles your name is on the better. I will list the top three below.


~ Create a Facebook Fan Page. If it is available use the domain name. If not, make sure it is as close to your domain as possible.



~ Instagram


Learn to use relevant hashtags. If you do not know how just type anything into the search and gather info then apply it to your post. Look for people with a high following and study what they are posting. Never copy them, people can smell fake. Be yourself but take the info you need and apply it to your style. Remember this is all about pictures, make them super attractive. Lifestyle shots are awesome, inspirational quotes, motivational, etc. Keep the pics nice and the content or words positive and you should attract people in no time.


~ Twitter



There is also Tumblr and various other sites you can register on. If you have the Instagram app it is very easy to link your Facebook Page, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and foursquare. Just got to the settings tap (top right on your profile) and scroll down to Share Settings under the Preferences Heading. Click that and you are on your way. Go through the steps to link all your other profiles.


Now when you post to Instagram you can select to post to all others too. I highly recommend setting this up day one and streamlining them to one app. I post on Instagram once and it goes to all the others. This is as simple as it gets. Then if you are on Facebook. Share your post from your Facebook Fan Page to help grow your following,


Be sure to post every day at least 2 times a day and post relevant topics or pictures to your business. If you are a network marketer then focus on leadership, inspirational, positive, quotes, and attractive pictures do very well. Just share your life, experience, and expertise. People will start to follow over time and you will gain a steady following.


Don’t worry if Facebook is more popular than Twitter or vice versa. Just work on posting pics with good content every day. Set it and forget it. Adapt the essence of the Law of Attraction and set your intent without worry of how. Trust it will gain momentum and be successful and you will see progress.  


3.) Make a List of your warm leads. Warm market or warm leads are people you know. When you have a great opportunity you will be eager to share it. Make a list of 100 people you know, know of, or have some access to that you can speak to. From the list of 100 color code them by products or services. For example you have a list of 100 and you know 50 would benefit from Product A then highlight them all the same color and call all blue people product A. Some people will be good for multiple products. That is where a warm lead turns hot. The more products or services you have to offer that fit one person the better they will be for you to speak to. When you have the list color coded to all the people that would benefit or be interested in your products or services, go through and circle each and every one that has the investment upfront, Right Now, Today has the investment. When you circle them try to pick the ones with the largest following first. Let’s say Prospect B has a following of 400 friends on Facebook but Prospect A has 3000 friends and is a promo model. Go for the one with the largest following. Go for the leaders first or the ones eager to train with you.


Once you have your list contact people every day until you are done with the list. Make sure you write down the date you spoke to them and follow up a few days after. Most say never let lead sit for more than 24 hours but it is up to you. I am a seed planter. I plant the seeds then walk away. Eventually they chase me and this is my personal preference with leads. However, adapt a style that fits you.


There are so many ways to contact leads. Phone, email, Facebook, Chat, Text, etc. and so forth. Make sure you pick the best for you and then go with that. Always remember a no is a yes but they just don’t know it yet. Never take a no hard. Remember what I said about seeds. Let it go and move forward. From this point on every person you meet that ask what you do will be a prospect and you can close quite a few by just sharing info and not truly trying to sell them. Make it easy. Let it flow and you will see how everyone you meet is a prospective lead in this business.


4.) Make a daily schedule the night before. This just helps you stay on task and plus it feels good to cross things off as done on your list. Every day for the first month I would write out a schedule and keep to it as close as you can. It does not have to be a min by min. Make a list of to dos if you wish but budget your time.


5.) Make room for development and growth. Spend an hour everyday reading, researching, watching training or submersing yourself in your products or services. Once you are fully 100 percent then spend that time reading and furthering your skills by education yourself in this industry. Read, train, listen, watch, learn, and put it into practice.

6.) Stay in touch with your upline and or other people in the business daily or at least every other day. It helps when you are surrounded by people on the same mission. It keeps you motivated and helps you have a better chance of success. Form groups on Facebook or just touch base. You will need someone to bounce ideas with and if you are very lucky you will have an amazing mentor that assist you along the process.


Best of luck to you in your Business Endeavors.  






Just A Little Humor .

Enjoy Network Marketing Problems!




I usually use the forum to post about business related topics and many other aspects of business development. However, this post is strictly personal. I want to share with you the story of my son’s vision and dedication to spread the word about something he is passionate about.


I stumbled upon this site that lets you design a t-shirt and launch a campaign with zero upfront cost. I thought this was a great idea so I played around on the site for a little bit. I designed two shirts for the horse sanctuary I have always wanted to start and was still very intrigued by how simple the site’s process was.  I will attach a link below to the site as well as to my son’s creation. There were so many other campaigns to check out and explore. My son saw me designing a horse shirt and he asked if he could make one with “Nemos” on it. He knows they are clown fish but insist on calling them “Nemos” all the time anyway. I told him we could get one done but he had to think about what it would look like as well as why he wanted to create it.


The next we began designing the shirt. He started to tell me where to put everything, the sizes, the shapes, the colors. I stopped and said, “What’s your why?” He began to explain that when he grows up he would love to raise, care for, and study the “Nemos” in their natural habitat. Yes, he speaks like this often. So he then began to explain that if the reef is not taken care of then he will not have a chance to travel there and see his dream come true. Everyone that has a child knows how brilliant their light is when they are encouraged to reach for the stars and dream fully to the highest extend, so I was not shocked by his words. I was proud of him and his intentions to be dedicated to a cause for so long. He has spoken about the reefs for many years and just this year realized they were in great danger due to pollution and other such harm. Ever since then it is always on the back of his mind. He actually wrote and had me draw out a cartoon centered around these little clown fish. It is amazing how bright he shines.


As we were finishing up the shirt he mentioned how he would love to see hundreds and thousands of people wearing this shirt and all asking what they could do to help. His thoughts are that if enough people buy them it will spark ideas of creation in other people that will make shirts too and/or spread the word as well.  He said, “This is the beginning to get people talking and to ask each other questions.” He then explained that he hoped others would copy and they would too begin this “movement to save the reef!” My son has always spoken very eloquently and articulately but I am still amazed at the conceptual depth of his mind and compassion. Most of us would be worried about trademarks and design duplication from a business stand point. Yet , my son wants people everywhere to copy his design as well as make their own so it gets them talking about the issue and something is done about it. He said to me, “I bet everyone who sees my shirt and hears about me will look it up now, and that’s all I want.”


This kid is an inspiration. My six year old son is and always has been my hero. I would love to take credit for this child, his great mind, his eloquent speech, his compassionate heart, and his limitless potential but I know it is all him. He is the reason he shines so bright and I would not have it any other way.


Gabe’s Shirt design:



Start your own Campaign:


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